SCAFFOIL fits shrink wrap for blasting & painting work, asbestos removal, goods storage & transport for region Antwerp, brussels & ghent

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SCAFFOIL in Beveren-Waas (East Flanders) offers solutions using shrink wrap, which not only protects against UV rays, wind, rain, hail, snow etc, but you can also use it to prevent the spread of dust, dirt or hazardous products such as asbestos. It will ensure your professional project is wrapped up safely.

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Tailor-Made Shrink-Wrap

We can fit both standard and non-flammable (flame-retardant) film made by Plastizem. This conforms to the European standard EN 13501-1:2013 B-s1,d0. Scaffoil is a VCA** safety-certified company and our manager works with us on every project to guarantee it is completed with strict compliance to the regulations. SCAFFOIL can apply the shrink wrap in two ways: using an open flame (a gas burner) or with glue (cold seal). For example, in Ex-zones, where there are flammable products, we would use a spray adhesive.

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